Welcome to Golf Travel Australia

Living the golf and Travel Lifestyle is a dream many of us aspire to. The world is full of so many spectacular golf courses and exciting destinations that it may be impossible to get to them all. But why not try?

Golf Travel Australia was born from this vision. It is our mission to allow you to live that dream. The dream each and everyone of us has, to wake up and play one of the world’s great golf courses without a worry or care in the world. And to do that with our partners or best mates, what could be better?

Golf Travel Australia has all bases covered when it comes to golf and travel. We offer fully hosted tours with highly experienced PGA members as your host, providing not only great golf advice, but on tour golf coaching as well. Along with this we help you improve your golf with our Golf School Partners, Australian Golf Schools.

And in conjunction with our travel agency partner, Epoch Travel, we can look after all of your travel needs from start to finish.

Our passion is golf, our profession is golf, our knowledge is golf and our vision is to help you live the Golf and Travel Lifestyle.